Meet Brent Taylor

Brent Taylor was born and raised in rural North Mississippi less than 60 miles from Memphis. He moved to Memphis to work as a funeral director after earning his mortuary science degree. In 1995, he became the youngest person ever elected to the Memphis City Council at age 27. Taylor, who never voted for a tax increase, was viewed as the leading conservative voice on the Council. He chose to retire from the City Council after 12 years to focus on his business interests.

In 2004, Taylor and his wife, Kimberly, purchased their first funeral home. They bought other area funeral homes and built their business into the largest family-owned funeral operation in the Mid-South. Taylor remained involved in public service, first filling a vacancy on the Shelby County Commission on an interim basis and then serving on the Shelby County Election Commission for three years. Taylor served as Chairman of the Election Commission until his resignation in February to run for the State Senate. Throughout his career in the funeral business and as a public official, Taylor has been recognized as a trusted conservative leader.

Kimberly and Brent Taylor have been married 27 years. The Taylors are parents of two adult children. Gage will receive his law degree from Southern Methodist University in May. Molly graduates from Mississippi State University in May with a degree in interior design. The Taylors reside in Eads and are active members of Trinity Baptist Church in Cordova.